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The Principles of Coaching with Briana Stonelake

I have had the distinct honor of working with a wonderful woman named Briana Stonelake. Briana is a coach in the Phoenix, Arizona area. As we were talking I asked her, "how do we get into a situation where a person feels more love?" Her response was so dynamic that I felt it necessary to share it with you. She has brought to my attention some incredible insights into what it means to be authentic. 

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The more time I spend reflecting the more I recognize the times I have been stuck. With my son giving me a new sense of direction, I MUST focus my attention to be so much more purposeful. Everyday I look back at how I made it here and I am so thankful to everyone who has brought me this far, this does include myself. I want to remind you to be thankful for yourself because you can only spend every moment of life with one person. 

Renatus at Boulder Country Club

In December of 2021 I had the pleasure of joining Renatus at Boulder Country Club. Following Julie Dale I was given an hour to speak about a few of my fundamental concepts. Thank you to Bob Tierney, Julie Dale and the Renatus community for having me!

Separate the Behavior From the Person

As a new year begins so too does a new chapter in my life. This year I have shifted my focus to be more introspective and intentional with my actions. We all have our own resolutions for this year, we all have our goals we want to hit and we all have missions we want to pursue. All I ask is, and I want you to ask yourself this as well, am I giving my energy to the right people, places and ideas? 

The Final Percent Summit 2021- Take Aways

During the 2021 TFP Summit we went live with this exclusive podcast episode. We got some great insights into the many incredible ideas brought to us by our speakers. A big thank you to them, to everyone who spoke and to everyone who joined us at the Westin! 

What‘s Next with Andre Jones

After such a big undertaking with us pulling off the TFP Summit, where we had over 200 attendees with some of the best production and a concert, where does the TFP brand go from here? In this episode Andre Jones and I talk about what is next. 

Where it all started, With Drew Dugan

Drew Dugan and I had a crazy Idea almost a year ago, and tomorrow it all comes to fruition.

Fear, An Indication of Change.

Fear is a useful tool. As we explore and experience life we realise that fear show us often the path to take and NOT the path not to take.

Community with Dr Jamal

Dr. Jamal Specializes in bringing opportunities to places where opportunities did not exist before. He is a community leader and community builder. It's all about equipping the community.



Hope Vs Faith

Two sides of the same coin, but they serve two VERY different purposes.