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My Life In 24mm

So today I was thinking to myself and I asked, what would be fun? What do I want to do today that I would thoroughly enjoy? The answer to that, spend time with those that I am the closest with!

So starting off my day I worked out for close to 3 hours with one of my closest friends, Drew Dugan. Following that, our fitness did not end as we then had a 2v2 basketball game with Salo and Owen, in our backyard. We got our heart rate up because everyone at TFP has recently made a vow to commit to getting in shape and working on our fitness. From weight training, to running, to basketball and even eating healthy we are fully engrained in ensuring that we all hold each other accountable for our health. 

Health doesn't end at eating and acting healthy though. Health truly ends when you work to be happy. If you're happy with your weight, you are probably healthy. If you are happy with your diet, you are probably healthy. The most important one, however is are you happy with your life? If you are happy with your life, and not just happy, but filled with joy throughout your life, I believe that that is the point in which you are truly healthy. 

In honor of all of my team taking these steps to reach an Exponential life with me I am going to begin to document and release my journey for everyone to see. I want to show you more behind the sense of what we do, from basketball to travel to even just one of the team cooking for everyone, I want to show you that this thing we talk about, an exponential life, is not just the big things. But the little things along the way. The memories and companionships that we all make together. 

This new series is going to be called, My Life In 24mm. It will be a collection of memories, of ideas, of experiences that I had the opportunity, no the honor of living. Let's start a conversation about what life is all about. 

Ode to Konrad

Today I got to spend some time with my wife Cayla and my son Konrad. We went on a "DMV" adventure. We spent more time than we would have liked waiting for things to get done, but most importantly we got to spend quality family time together. 

As I am experiencing this new life coming into this world that is completely alien to him, I am beginning to notice that exposing him to new things and new experiences that seem boring to me are insane to him. Exposure is everything. It is a basic piece of what human nature is and is more commonly known as nurture. The idea of nature vs nurture comes down to internal vs external. The physical vs the spiritual. 

As I am thinking about the idea of nature vs nurture I notice that those two things need to be in balance. By getting out and giving yourself physical experiences you will be happier, however if you never work on your spiritual self you will feel out of place and out of energy in those physical experiences. 

In the modern day, so often we are absorbed by the physical world, we spend more time on the phone than with our family. More time watching tv than out in nature and more time distracting ourselves than focusing our energies. This brings me back to the idea of more. We spend more and yet more is not acquirable. So that means we are actively going into debt with ourselves. We are actively draining a bank account that we never should have had access to in the first place. This means rather than asking you to spend more time outside, spend more time with your family, I just want to ask you to begin focusing on spending time with your family, spending time outdoors and spending time developing yourself. 

Life is so finite and to keep juggling what you should be doing is unsustainable. With the time you have here on this earth my hope for you is to look back at your life and know that you lived it to the fullest, that you spent your time on what mattered most to you. Because that is all we have, once the bank account of time is spent, there is no buying it back. So get out there and buy what makes your heart jump with joy. 

Acquisition Vs. Building

As a gear head I am often looking into what the latest technology or "toys" I can utilize. My gear is in a constant state of flux depending on what I am doing, where I am going or what needs to happen. The one thing that I refuse to do however is buy a new piece of gear without first recognizing what I am building. 

Gear for me is like tools for a construction worker. It is very needed in order to do my work properly. I don't plan to build a home while buying screws and a hammer. Instead I will design my blueprint, find my team and then acquire the materials. Once all of that is done, then I can begin my build. I can begin to construct something greater than myself. 

One of the key statements in that is find my team. Tools are worthless without the right team to use them. Alternatively a team is a lot like a good set of tools. If one team member is incapable of completing a task, then it is wise to look for one who fits that specific work set. When a team is made properly then you will have a tool belt of individuals who make your tasks possible and compliment the work flows of each other. 

Unlike tools however, team members get better with age. With a little bit of patients and a lot of individualized commitment you will find that by doubling down on the people in your arsenal will benefit you greatly. Rather than always seeking the latest and greatest, you will simply have to reach into your booklet of powerful team members and grant them access to the tools they may need, in order to overcome any object. 

MOVE with Bob Snyder

As I am still processing and fully understanding my journey through Kenya I wanted to speak with a friend I made on safari.

Bob Snyder is a world class business man and an incredible person. I had the opportunity to ride in Bob's safari vehicle while we travelled and viewed the great migration. As we spent more and more time together I realized that I had accidentally found myself in the right place, at the right time to meet someone like no other.

Today we spoke about the experiences and ideas we found ourselves thinking about as we went on this journey. The crosses in our own lives with the actions of animals. The decision process of lions and the indecision of wildebeest. The grace of cheetah vs. the power of a cape buffalo. As humans we tend to overcomplicate things, rather than viewing it from an outside perspective.

One thing that kept popping up for us is MOVE! Movement is the key to everything. If you move you will always have something happen. If you pick your feet up and take even a single step you will change the world. You will cause an impression on the ground. Although it may be small, a little indent in the earth, you have created physical proof that you are here! That you were alive! If you stand in one place however, you will never be able to show the world that you were here. That you understood that your time on this earth is finite and rather than choose to dwell on that fact, you chose to live!

Bob brought to me so many ideas that showed me new windows into different perceptions of life. Although we adventured together we did not have the same journey. Each of us walked away with different ideas different concepts, of what we had experienced. However by building a connection on our adventure, we had the opportunity to connect. To not only connect our dots in reverse but each others dots in reverse. To see the thing they saw and begin to interpret each others interpretations.

This is the power of communication. This is the power of the human mind that we refuse to utilize on such a regular basis. To build upon each other. To rise to new heights through the power of the person standing next to you, in spirit or in person. We need to release this self absorbed era of dependent thought that leads to independent results. Instead we need to begin to pull one another up to new and greater opportunities by creating independent thoughts that will lead to interdependent results.

I want to send a huge thank you to Bob Snyder for joining me on todays episode. It was an absolute treat to speak with you and I can't wait for our next adventure together.

For more on Bob head over to

Building a Team

I got back from Africa just about two weeks ago and I have been firing on all cylinders. When I first returned I thought things would slow down for a bit, however the exact opposite happened! We all speed up, TFP began to revamp our content, our mission and our operating principles.

We are now going to Costa Rica next week to speak at a convention, we began planning our TFP Summit 2022 and we began to find some extremely cool opportunities behind the scenes. This is the beginning of a new era, a new beginning for TFP. 

If you remember yesterday I told you to find people who bring about adventure in your life. Well to everyone listening, everyone reading and for everyone that is a support system for TFP, thank you. Thank you for bring about the greatest adventure I have ever been on in my life.

Lessons From Kenya with Bob Tierney

My journey to Kenya last month was all thanks to my good friend and fellow coach, Bob Tierney. Bob brought me along on this wild adventure and showed me a new area of the world. I am so blessed to have someone like him in my life and I encourage you to find people in your own life who bring about new adventures.

People always see the idea of rich as what you have in your bank account, what things you having sitting in your home. Rich however is not what you have but rather what you do and who you do it with. Those who have experiences and craft their future WITH other people rather than alone, those are the people who are truly rich.

I met so many people through the selfless act of Bob. I built so much with other people and developed my perspective of life and what happiness truly is. Happiness is being at peace in your current predicament. Allowing stress and anxiety to fade away and allow yourself to be in a state of bliss right where you are.

Empty your cup and fill your soul with the bliss of breath, with the recognition that you are alive! Allow yourself to be happy and stop demanding yourself to do more, be more, have more, more, more, more...

We can't get enough more, so find bliss in the fact that you are enough.


This episode was recorded close to two weeks ago however it had to be postponed because I was unable to send it out from Africa. Thats right Africa! I had the distinct pleasure of joining some incredible people on a journey exploring and viewing the wonders of Kenya. I had the chance to get a new perceptive on life and a new appreciation for all the small things in my life.

Life is much more precious than we give ourselves the chance to behold. We never let go of chasing after the sunrise of tomorrow and never stop in the morning to be present. What is strange is the idea that we never want to be here. Right here, right now. 

By being present in everything you do you will achieve a greater level of understanding for yourself, for your spouse, for your child, for your friends and for everything around you. Right now is called the present because it is a gift. Don't let your gifts go to waste.


How do you respond to the challenges in your life? Do you fight to overcome? Or climb to rise above?

As humans we often sink into our animal instinct of fight or flight the moment things get too tough. We refuse to rise to the occasion so that we don't just reach the top but rather crest it.

When I climb mountains I not only climb for the challenge that it poses to me, but the view that awaits me at the end. If I make it to that end through fearsome thought, frustration and a lack of will to see the peak, then my mindset shall remain the same as I take those last few steps. I then choose to fall to the ground and gasp for air rather than letting my breath be taken by the glorious world I have been placed into.

You're always at the right place at the right time, however this can only be evident when you lift your head. 

So will you lift your head and go on an adventure with me?

The Little Things with Bob Tierney

In mid July I have the unique opportunity to travel to Kenya with my good friend Bob Tierney. Bob is an incredible person who helps teach the next generation of entrepreneurs through learning the ins and outs of real estate. As we were talking today we realized that so many people never watch the big gestures, they watch out for the little things. 

The little things re-define what you see in a person. A hug can be 10x more powerful than buying someone dinner. A compliment can change someone's attitude and completely change the course of their day. 

Humans are so complex and so hard to understand, however, by taking the time to understand the little things you do, the small actions you take, the little things that define who you are, you can begin to understand the little things of those around you. 

Let the little things change your world, leave your loved ones flowers, call your family when you can. Change the narrative of things you do on a minute by minute basis and you will begin to alter the course of the big things. Your dreams will now be supported by someone who merely saw who you are by giving them a smile. Your mission will be backed by people who you gave nothing more than compliments. 

Allow the moments that seem like nothing to become the defining moments in your life. Give kindness and hope to everyone you meet and you will create the future you have seen in the reflection of those you help. 

Ceremonial Declarations

What does it mean to declare something? When we declare something to the world we make a statement, tell everyone you will change something, build something, or succeed in a challenge that we are currently working on. However a declaration is just a statement. It is just words said to the world telling them that you will do it. 

The difference between those who complete those declarations and do not, is a decision. It is a choice to completely commit to the challenge at hand. To be consistent and to overcome the adversity beyond a shadow of a doubt. 

Consistency is key in creating a company,  in building a family, in developing a future. The ultimate mindset is hidden behind the repetitive cycle. Is built in the moment that you are actively living and is the exact moment that you decide, to change your life for the better. Not to just say you will change, but to truly, wholeheartedly become who you are meant to be. 

We are all meant to be the hero's of our own story. Are you willing to save yourself from the villain of your own mind?