The Final Percent

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Fear, An Indication of Change.

Fear is a useful tool. As we explore and experience life we realise that fear show us often the path to take and NOT the path not to take.

Community with Dr Jamal

Dr. Jamal Specializes in bringing opportunities to places where opportunities did not exist before. He is a community leader and community builder. It's all about equipping the community.



Hope Vs Faith

Two sides of the same coin, but they serve two VERY different purposes.

Experience, People Experiencing

Learn to experience other people experiencing something. Learn what it's like to be able to see as a child. They look at the world with such wonder, it is important to let ourselves connect with the magic of life. When is the last time you tried something for the first time?

Friendship with Andre Jones

Friendship is one of our most powerful tools. Double down and focus on what matters. 

We are live from Paramount Studios, one of the most iconic recording studios in America. 

Love is soooooooo BASIC

Love is just the root of a MUCH more advanced emotion.

Language Is Not What You Think It Is!

Language comes in so many shapes and sizes. Being aware of just how many languages you are speaking is Important for communicating and understanding ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.

Blueprint of Success

Success is not hard. You know the rules but you make it hard on yourself trying to make it easier and reinventing the wheel.


Conversations and proximity to people thinking and doing incredible things are what has and continues to change my life. This Podcast is live from the event space where we will be holding the TFP Summit. I talk through why what when and how this event is unlike any event you have ever attended. 

The Three Words MORE Powerful Than I Love You

What are the three most powerful words in your life?