The Final Percent

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Ceremonial Declarations

June 6, 2022

What does it mean to declare something? When we declare something to the world we make a statement, tell everyone you will change something, build something, or succeed in a challenge that we are currently working on. However a declaration is just a statement. It is just words said to the world telling them that you will do it. 

The difference between those who complete those declarations and do not, is a decision. It is a choice to completely commit to the challenge at hand. To be consistent and to overcome the adversity beyond a shadow of a doubt. 

Consistency is key in creating a company,  in building a family, in developing a future. The ultimate mindset is hidden behind the repetitive cycle. Is built in the moment that you are actively living and is the exact moment that you decide, to change your life for the better. Not to just say you will change, but to truly, wholeheartedly become who you are meant to be. 

We are all meant to be the hero's of our own story. Are you willing to save yourself from the villain of your own mind?