The Final Percent

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Projection and Exploration

May 30, 2022

Should. Should is one of the most toxic words in the english language. This word breaks you down internally and shrinks you externally. If you wake up and say I should get out of bed, I should brush my teeth, I should, I should and you should all over yourself. 

On the inverse, if someone tells you that you should, you begin to question how you want to live your life. You begin to compare your reality to theirs and they start to project their way of life onto yours and now you get into the loop and shrink into a comfort zone. 

Exploration is a challenge in the modern era. We have explored the earth many times over, however there are still corners and depths we have not gone to. As soon as we wish to find these corners however everyone tells us we are crazy. We should get a job, we should settle down, we should, we should, we should and now they are shoulding all over you!

Exploration is how we became who we are. We explored the world through our own eyes and our own minds and now we are asked to conform to everyone else's explorations because we should fit in? NO! 

We must be willing to stand out. To be ourselves and to overcome the projections of others. Everyday is a chance to explore the world and discover the amazing in your life.